Heliosearch Distribution for Solr

Introducing HDS

HDS is a free, production-ready distribution for Apache Solr packaged with Apache Tomcat. It can be used freely on it’s own or paired with our Certified Backporting Service and/or Production Support offerings.

Certified Backporting NEW!

With Heliosearch’s Certified Backporting Service, customers no longer have to upgrade to get the latest Solr bug fixes. For more information on how you can avoid costly and time-consuming upgrades, click here.

Production Support

Heliosearch and Springblox have teamed together to provide the industry’s most reliable 24×7 Production Support Service. To learn more about Springblox’s global, military-grade infrastructure and Heliosearch’s Rapid Escalation Response System, click here.

What’s inside?

HDS is pure Open Source: 100% Apache Solr. The difference is in the way it’s packaged. HDS is a Tomcat/Solr distribution that is both agile and production ready. It includes:

  • > The latest release of Apache Solr.
  • > Apache Tomcat, with agile start scripts that accept command line parameters like Jetty.
  • > Certified start/stop scripts for Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows.
  • > Pre-configured Tomcat/Solr logging with a separate Solr log file.
  • > Optimized JVM, Tomcat and Solr configuration settings designed for production use.
  • > Readme.txt file and examples for starting Solr in standalone mode and Solr Cloud mode.

When will additional versions be available?

Future versions of HDS will be released alongside x.x.x releases of Apache Solr (e.g. – 4.6.2).

Free Download

No signup or registration required
Last Update: HDS 4.10.1

Getting Started

$ cd server
$ bin/startup.sh

To start on a different port

(e.g. 7574):
$ cd server
$ bin/startup.sh -Dhttp.port=7574

To shut down

$ cd server
$ bin/shutdown.sh -Dhttp.port=7574